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Fiberglass & Gypsum Ceiling Domes with Lighting Options

First Class Building Products, Inc. offers an amazing selection when it comes to architectural ceiling domes.  Standard fiberglass ceiling dome sizes that range from small 3' to large 7' outer diameter.  All come with trim ring and light cove options as well as customer fiber optic ceiling domes are available. 
Our recessed lighting systems come with either LED or Xenon bulbs and fiber optic lighting systems come with illuminator, all the fibers and everything including optional color wheel and dimmer control switches. 

Our standard ceiling domes are made from fiberglass (FRP) but for larger custom domes we use glassfiber reinforced gypsum (GRG).  Our gypsum ceiling domes can be made to fit any design project.  Anything over 7' we'd recommend going with GRG.  They are built and shipped in pie pieces and just makes transporting and installation much easier for everyone. 

Fiberglass Ceiling Domes
Fiberglass Ceiling Dome
Standard Sizes 3'-7'
See all dome sizes and specs here
Gypsum Ceiling Domes
Gypsum Ceiling Domes
Custom Large Domes "Virtually Any Shape or Size"
click here to view: GRG Specs
Recessed Lighting Options
Recessed Lighted Ceiling Dome
LED or Xenon Lighting Options
See dome light cove specs here
Fiber Optic Lighting Systems
Fiberglass Ceiling Dome
Above is a  6' Fiberglass Dome w/ Trim Ring
See fiber optic lighting options and specs here
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