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Polyurethane Balustrade Systems

First Class Building Products, Inc. offers an amazing selection when it comes to balustrade systems.  Several different baluster types, newel posts and rails to meet any design need. 
Our balustrade systems are made from high density polyurethane that not only look amazing but are extremely durable; they are weather resistant and impervious to insects and rotting.  Wood balusters will fade and rot over time, but our balusters will withstand the test of time reducing the overall cost and stress on having to replace the whole system in a few years.

Balusters Wood to Polyurethane Comparison
Balustrade Systems

Balustrade Systems Consist of:
  • Baluster

  • Newel Post

  • Top/Bottom Rails

  • New Post Caps

  • Accessories

Things to Remember:

One the 4" Rule:  The furthest distance between two separate balusters is be no greater than 4".  This is industry standard code/spec.

When measuring curved rails, it might be best to speak with one of our sales professionals to ensure that all measurements have been calculated correctly.

Please call or email us today and let us help quote you the right amount of components so that you can focus your time on the project at hand.

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