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Architectural Columns

Woman holding house plans with construction hatFirst Class Building Products, Inc.  We at First Class, pride ourselves on offering the widest variety of custom and standard architectural columns and porch posts. We offer decorative columns as well as structural support columns to meet any design specifications.  Exterior columns in fiberglass, fiberglass composite or glassfiber reinforced concrete/cement or GRC for short.  While our interior columns come in either glassfiber reinforced gypsum, polyurethane or fiberglass composite materials.


We have many standards size columns to chose from or you request custom columns per-order.  We specialize in large columns and odd shaped column styles.  Please consult one of our sales professional for a custom order today.


Interior & Exterior Architectural Columns

Round Columns
Round Columns

Composite Columns

Fiberglass composite columns are made of marble dust, resin and fiberglass. More economical than fiberglass resin columns.

Interior Columns
Interior Square Columns

Fiberglass Composite Spec

12' interior square columns inside Patrick Henry College.
Square Columns
Square Columns

Fiberglass Columns (FRP)

Fiberglass (FRP) has been used as a building material for over 35 years due to its lightweight and durable nature.

Exterior Columns
Exterior Fiberglass Columns

FRP Spec

29' round tapered exterior fiberglass columns with Roman Ionic capitals.
Column Capitals

Gypsum Columns (GRG)

Fiberglass composite columns are made of marble dust, resin and fiberglass. More economical than fiberglass resin columns.

Custom Columns
Custom Columns

GRG Spec

5' round tapered barrel columns located in a prestigious county club in Texas.





First Class specializes in decorative custom architectural detail. Our clients include universities, schools, hospitals, retail, government agencies, hospitality, entertainment, assisted living, multi-use, casinos, condominiums and many satisfied home owners.

Our residential and interior and exterior line of products includes Glassfiber reinforced gypsum (GRG), high density polyurethane (HDP) and fiberglass composite columns. Our GRG is a noncombustible interior material which is excellent for fire rated interior specifications.

First Class also manufactures and distributes a wide variety of details for the residential market. Our products include decorative columns, porch post columns, crown molding, ceiling domes, balustrade systems, brackets, corbels, medallions, louvers, headers, pediments, pilasters, and much more.