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First Class Building Products, Inc.

Fiberglass (FRP) Column Capital Cover

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Installation Instruction Guide

  • Upon receiving your delivery of Fiberglass FRP column covers, please locate the serial numbers, which identify matching sets of column parts. Please ensure that sets are set aside together for future reference. You will receive the following parts:

            A pair of Column half column shafts with capital attached, some columns may be provided with detached capitals. (2 ea.)

            Column base/plinth halves (2 ea.)

  • The column shaft and capital bridge from beam to deck through base. The base/plinth fits around the shaft. The shaft DOES NOT sit on top of the base/plinth.


  • Establish the position of the center point of the column by dropping a plumb line from the beam to the deck. This course of action will identify the center of the plinth so that the column capital will align appropriately with the beam.


  • Supply and install blocking for the attachment of the capital to the beam using non-corrosive fasteners. Recommended materials for blocking use are either metal or fire-treated wood. The blocking should be permanently fastened to the beam and should match the configuration of the capital.


  • Provide similar blocking for the base of the shaft and base/plinth of the column following the instructions outlined in Item # three (3).


  • Measure the distance from beam to deck to validate shaft/capital overall height. If necessary, cut shaft halves to length using a saber saw or hacksaw. Be sure to compensate for any pitch in the deck.


  • Position first half of shaft/capital in position with seam side away from the front of the structure.


  • Attach first half of the shaft/capital to the blocking at the top and bottom of the column using non-corrosive fasteners. You may also attach the column to intermediary placed blocking along the shaft/capital seam to further confine the column shaft.


  • Apply a minute amount if polyester resin or polyurethane adhesive to the shiplap joint on each half column to bond the halves together, remove remaining adhesive.


  • Mount the second half of the shaft/capital by placing it in position next to the first half and secure with banding straps every 18" on center over the whole length of the column.


  • Drill and countersink holes through the second half of the column shaft/capital into the shiplap flange of the first half 6" on center. Join the two half columns together using non-corrosive wood screws or 1/8" pop rivets. Do not over tighten.


  • Mount the base/plinth around the column shaft in a similar manner (Be sure to check for level prior to installing base.) If leveling the plinth to accommodate for pitch in deck is needed, use fine toothed saw, sand edge smooth after cutting.


  • Sand the column 3" on whichever side of the shiplap joint, using #200 grit sandpaper to prepare the surface for the joint filler application.


  • Apply masking tape up and down on the column 3" on either side of the shiplap joint and apply a thin layer of polyester body filler over the joints and fasteners.


  • Eliminate the tape and feather the body filler into the columns. Sand the filled area to a smooth uniform outline.


  • Prime the packed area and finish paint the column with urethane or oil based primer and paint.


  • Fill all joint seams and screw head holes with fiberglass auto body filler. Sand smooth and paint with high quality paint.



  • Be sure to add catalyst to the polyester resin prior to application.
  • Pre-fit both halves of the base/plinth and capital to the blocking prior to installing.
  • Lightly sand the surface of the column covers and wipe them down with wax and grease remover to remove buildup prior to painting.
  • Use high quality Urethane Paint for the finish coats. Water based paints are NOT recommended.


First Class Fiberglass Column Cover

Painting Suggestions

  • Clean the entire column surface to be painted with wax and grease remover.
  • Gently sand the surface of the column with fine grade sandpaper.
  • Repeat Step One (1).
  • Prime seam areas where body filler has been applied. Priming the rest of the column is optional.
  • Paint columns with a urethane base paint for optimal results. Oil base paint may be substituted but will not attain as good a result as urethane base paint.
  • We do not advise the use of latex or other water based paints for its fiberglass column covers.


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Architectural column capitals and bases by First Class Building Products, Inc. are available in a variety of styles and sizes to meet all project budget ranges and architectural specifications.





        Decorative Column Capitals:

  • Roman Ionic Capital

  • Tuscan Capital

  • Roman Corinthian Capital

  • Temple of Winds Capital

  • Scamozzi Capital

  • Square Tuscan Capital

Standard Column Capital Base:

  • Tuscan Base

  • Attic Base

  • Square Tuscan Base




Architectural Columns Home

Fiberglass Composite Columns

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Fiberglass Columns

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Half / Split Columns Column Capitals


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