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Architectural Products - Fiberglass Columns, Balusters, Ceiling Dome Medallions, Crown Cornice Mouldings
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Architectural Products - Fiberglass Columns, Balusters, Ceiling Domes and Medallions, Polyurethane Crown Moulding
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Architectural Products - Fiberglass Columns, Balusters, Ceiling Domes and Medallions, Polyurethane Crown Moulding
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Architectural Products - Fiberglass Columns, Balusters, Ceiling Domes and Medallions, Polyurethane Crown Moulding
Fiberglass Columns
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Architectural Building Products - Fiberglass Columns, Baluster Styles, Ceiling Domes and Medallions, Polyurethane Crown Moulding


(Architectural Columns: Structural and Decorative Column Types)



Round Columns  

Round Columns


Square Columns


Square Fiberglass Columns 

Column Capitals & Bases

Column Covers
First Class Building Products offers architecturally correct decorative fiberglass composite columns, fiberglass columns FRP columns, polymer columns, gypsum (GRG) columns, glass-fiber reinforced concrete columns GFRC columns as well as wood column types with both decorative non-structural and structural load-bearing columns designed for commercial and residential building projects.  First Class architectural columns have been installed in many new custom homes as well as restorations and commercial building projects, including: courthouses, schools, churches, amusement parks, beachfront condominiums, and residential custom homes.  Column Pricing & Quote Form

Architectural Column Types


Fiberglass Composite Columns

"Most Popular" - both structural and non-structural column types for interior/exterior decorative column designs

Fiberglass Columns (FRP)

Durable - Load bearing interior/exterior decorative column designs

Porch Post Columns

Polyurethane porch posts are made in a unique process that encases a load bearing galvanized steel pipe in an architectural shape of high density polymer.

Glass-fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Columns

Exterior Columns - Stone/Concrete exterior columns

Glassfiber Reinforced Gypsum Columns (GRG)

Interior Only - Decorative column interior decor

Polyurethane Columns

Decorative and interior & exterior column styles

Fiberglass Wound Columns

Light Weight & Durable - both load bearing and non-load styles for interior/exterior construction projects. 

Architectural Wood Columns

Interior and exterior wood column styles

Column Capitals

Interior & Exterior column capitals & column base

Architectural Column Capital & Plinth Installation Instruction Guide

Whether you are looking for one of the classical orders of architecture or a column to match the modern times, First Class Building Products has or can create what you desire.  Anything from authentic Roman Corinthian wood columns to the simple but elegant Tuscan fiberglass composite style, we have the ability to authentically replicate any column, capital, base and plinth that your architect is looking for. 

Selecting a column manufacturer with Quality of Construction, Price and the ability to deliver on time to meet project timelines, look no further.  According to our customers, "First Class Building Products was selected because of their winning service, and competitive pricing. Most of all, they were impressed with our level of knowledge and expertise and felt comfortable that we could handle any project."

First Class Building Products has been responsible for replication and restoration projects throughout the country with quality products including Architectural Columns, Balustrade Systems, Crown Moldings, Ceiling Domes, Decorative Ceiling Medallions and Specialty Items products like:Niches, Keystones, Brackets, Rosettes, Pergolas, Wall Panels and Wall Plaques.

Specifications are available for viewing, from the First Class Building Products Website, including: Polyurethane, Fiberglass FRP, Glassfiber Reinforced Gypsum, and Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. 




  • Round smooth tapered columns

  • Round smooth straight shaft column. 

  • Square / Box smooth straight shaft column. 

  • Square / Box fluted straight shaft architectural columns. 

  • Round & Square columns available whole or split.

  • Fluted smooth tapered column.

  • Fluted smooth straight shaft column.

  • Square / Box, tapered with recessed panel column.

  • Load bearing & non-structural decorative columns.

  • Custom Column Designs Available. Contact Us


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Architectural Column Specs - Materials

Fiberglass Composite Columns

Fiberglass (FRP) Columns

Porch Post Columns

Filament Wound Columns

Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GRG) Columns

Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement (GFRC) Columns


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